Small investment for a big learning return

All of our speakers have been in your shoes – you benefit by learning from their rookie mistakes. The speaker team includes current pet care operators, representing five different facilities owned in Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Texas, plus over thirty facility design and construction projects across the country. Additionally, the team has consulted on numerous other pet care facility projects and operations across the country.

You’ll get the specifics to ensure your business venture best fits your personal strengths. Speakers will discuss pros and cons of pet industry franchises, leasing and building a pet care center, and more.

Pet Care Business Basics is...

  • An online course with multiple sessions from five industry experts;
  • Conveniently available “on demand” – that means you can begin at any time and learn at your own pace;
  • Available for unlimited access to the materials for two months after beginning the course; and
  • Enhanced with 30 minute live call for all participants with the instructors, which will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM EST.

Includes a 40+ Pages Supplemental Handbook

What does the Pet Care Business Basics Supplemental Handbook include? Download the TABLE OF CONTENTS here!

Course Sessions

Vision to Reality (presented by Susan Briggs)

3 sessions
You have a vision of your dream pet care center – find out in this seminar the initial steps required to create your business reality. Learn how to create a good match to your market and personality. You’ll also learn the biggest obstacles you will need to overcome to make your vision a reality.

Creating an Effective Business Plan (presented by Al Locker)

1 session
Your guide to building design, financing and long-term operations. The adage “failure to plan is planning to fail” has proven too accurate for many. Business plans are a great success tool, whether you are just starting, expanding, or navigating the continual operation of your business. While the thought is intimidating for some, the exercise organizes and focuses your efforts and may expose weaknesses. Using that knowledge is your guide for success and can prevent wasting thousands of dollars!

Understanding Core Pet Services (presented by Suzanne Locker)

3 sessions
Confused about which services to offer in your facility? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the most popular services being offered today. This overview will help you determine which services are a fit for your business; with a focus on their profitability, building requirements, staffing needs, and other considerations.

Dog Daycare/Playgroups (presented by Robin Bennett)

3 sessions
Whether you are adding day care as an optional service or starting a new business, this is a virtual operations manual for dog day care providers and “wannabees”! Learn what you need to know before adding this service to your business plan or existing operation.

Dog Training (presented by Robin Bennett)

1 session
Everyone dealing with dogs should know the various training philosophies and certifications of dog trainers in order to educate and inform their customers, even if they aren’t doing the dog training themselves. In this seminar, you will learn, the various training methods, class formats available, finding a trainer, and how to add this as a revenue stream for your business.

Pet Services – For Fun or Profit? (presented by Susan Briggs)

4 sessions
You want a fun and profitable business, so know before you open the economic realities of a pet services business. In this seminar, you will learn about pet industry seasonality, occupancy, and operating costs. Review financial projections for a new pet center and decide if the business should proceed as planned.

Buy, Build or Lease – What Should You Do? (presented by Gretchen Meienburg)

1 session
Whether you are just starting or looking to expand your pet care business this seminar guides you through the options. Learn the pros and cons of each from Gretchen’s personal experiences as she has bought, built, and leased a pet care business. You’ll learn the keys to making the choice that is best for your situation and give your next venture a successful head start.

Pet Facility Design Process (presented by Al Locker)

1 session
What you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask regarding how the design process works, how much it will cost, and how you get started.

Marketing Your New Pet Care Business (presented by Gretchen Meienburg)

1 session
So you have a great new business, now, how do you tell people why they need your services? There is a multitude of ways to drive new business to your door. This section explores the basics of marketing, so you can build a customer base and get the most out of your marketing budget. It does take time, money, and lots of preparation – but don’t stress! You will learn low-cost, fun ways to let potential customers know why you are so great!

Pricing - $499 (IBPSA Member) | $599 (Non-Member)

Pet Care Business Basics as described above is now just $499. A small investment to make sure you start out on the right paw in your new pet care venture. Pricing will be going up soon, so don’t delay!